Chalkboard Technique Card



One of the very popular techniques in cards today is the chalkboard technique.  It has a very dramatic effect- and brings back memories if you remember when school classrooms had chalkboards!  (do you remember being picked to clean the erasers?? Our school had this vacuum things in the wall and you lifted the lid and the vacuum sucked the chalk off. So cool!  Or, when that wasnt’ working you got to go outside and beat the eraser against the side of the school building. Even more cool ’cause you got to go outside!!)

Sorry, I digress.  To make this cute card simply emboss your greeting using a versamark pad (102283) and white embossing powder.(109132)

Once embossed, take a dauber or sponge, and tapping on a white craft ink pad,(101731) rub the ink on the black background to look like a chalkboard.  Finally, I used a white watercolor pencil (101879) to create the border.

Have you tried this technique yet?  Do you think you’ll try it soon?  Leave me a comment and let me know if you like the chalkboard look.

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