soda pop tops make great magnets!

Today’s craft takes a few steps and some drying time, but what a cute little gift these would make.  Can’t you just see a little box filled with these Soda Pop Top magnets?  What a great little gift.

Starting with the large size of the Soda Pop Tops (129388) and the Collage Curio stamp set (129102 -c; 129099 -w)

Stamp a border and the center design of your choice.  Punch with the 1 inch circle punch (119868)

Place a drop of Crystal Effects (101055) in the Pop Top and place the punched design on top of it.

Taking more crystal effects, fill the Pop Top and set aside to dry.  Once dry, the design will show clearly.  Place a magnet on the back and you have a lovely gift.

What other uses can you think of to use the Soda Pop Tops?  Share your ideas in the comment section!

IMG_1958 IMG_1959 IMG_1971

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